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Patrick Peterson refutes rumor his departure from the Arizona Cardinals is imminent

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It is the offseason baby!

We have our first big rumor and response as far as the Arizona Cardinals are concerned, as Patrick Peterson’s name has been bandied about.

According to some guy at some site, Peterson and the Cardinals will be parting ways... sans a significant change in stances.

So, of course this was refuted by none other than Patrick Peterson himself on his own podcast.

“There’s no real update and, like you said, it is a dirty rumor,” Peterson said. “I woke up to it this morning as well. Me and the team haven’t talked anything about contracts and we haven’t [spoken about] parting ways. That’s just what it is — a dirty rumor. I don’t know where [the reporter] got his insight from, but it was a dirty rumor and you’re hearing it here.”

Here is the reality; Matt’s report had that big caveat in it. He made it seem like there was a long way for it to go for Peterson to be back with the Cardinals, but he gave himself an out. Does that mean the report will be wrong? No, of course not, because at this point it can’t be.

What we need to understand is that the Cardinals have a big decision to make with Patrick Peterson and that comes with a lot of nuance.

I have no insight into whether Peterson will be back or not, I will say the Cardinals at this juncture need Peterson more than Peterson needs them. That can change quickly, but the Cardinals cornerback situation is dire.