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Cards Rehearsing Oklahoma Draft?

Tulsa v South Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

“Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!”

Today we are going to dig deep into the state of Oklahoma to imagine what could be a gold mine of a draft for the Arizona Cardinals.

We know that two of the top prospects the Cardinals have been spending a good deal of time scouting and interviewing are Tulsa’s LB Zaven Collins and Oklahoma St.’s T Teven Jenkins.

It’s going to take a little wheeling and dealing and perhaps a gamble that because the draft is loaded with outstanding offensive tackle prospects, the chances are pretty good that teams will choose to wait until round 2 to pluck some of the top rated tackle prospects off the board, which in this case, would aid and abet the Cardinals’ cause for being able to select Teven Jenkins.

Trade #1: the Cardinals trade the #16 pick to the Tennessee Titans for picks #22 and #85

#22 (R1)> Cardinals select Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa

The Cardinals create the athletically freakish ILB tandem of Isaiah Simmons and Zane Collins and turn what for years has been a weakness of their 34 defense into a major new trend-setting strength.

Trade #2: The Arizona Cardinals trade picks #49 and #85 to the Atlanta Falcons for pick #35.

#35 (R2)> Cardinals select Teven Jenkins, T, Oklahoma St.

Cardinals pull off the draft coup they were hoping for, as they are able to acquire their starting right tackle at this spot early in the 2nd round. Jenkins is a brute force on the edge in both run mauling and pass protection. The fact that he is a right tackle might cause him to slide a little out of the first round. But, one could argue he is just as imposing as any tackle in this draft, save perhaps for Penei Sewell.

Trade #3: the Cardinals trade the #79 pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for the #94, #136, #176 picks.

#94 (R3)> the Cardinals select Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma St.

Tylan Wallace has some Justin Jefferson type qualities to his game. Combines speed, with sharp route running, excellent body control/ball tracking and dependable hands. Came back strong from ACL injury in 2019, but that will likely cause him to slide into the mid to later portions of Round 3.

#136 (R4)> Cardinals select Rodarius Williams, CB, Oklahoma St.

The Cardinals acquire Greedy Williams’ brother, Rodarius, who brings impressive length, speed and pass breakup ability to the secondary.

#161 (R5)> Cardinals select Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, Oklahoma

The Cardinals add some thunder to their backfield in Rhamondre Stevenson who, as the announcer says on this tape “runs like Hermes, but built like Hercules.” Stevenson has to assure teams that his previous drug suspension was a one-time mistake. This is a main why he is available in th 5th round.

#176 (R5)> Cardinals select Tre Norwood, CB, Oklahoma

Tre Norwood has a knack for timing his breaks on the football, as you will see in the video. He brings scheme versatility in nickel packages as a combo CB/S.

#244 (R7)> Cardinals select Dillon Stoner, WR, Oklahoma St.

Check out Dillon Stoner’s superb game vs. Baylor: 8 catches for 247 yards and 3 TDs. As you will see, he’s slippery, sure handed and RAC ready. Not the blazer that Tylan Wallace is, but was a very cagy complimentary WR to Wallace. Career numbers: 2,371 yds. (12.5 ave.), 17 TDs.

Other Possible targets:

  • Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma —- could be the Cardinals’ Round 2 target if the C position is not addressed in free agency and if Teven Jenkins is off the board.
  • Ronnie Perkins, Edge, Oklahoma —- if he’s available in the 3rd round, he could be a strong possibility. His 2019 drug suspension (with teammate Rhamondre Stevenson) could be a red flag for some teams.
  • Adrian Ealy, T, Oklahoma —- developmental tackle prospect who should be a mid to late Day 3 pick.
  • Tre Brown, CB, Oklahoma —- smallish, but feisty slot cover CB who brings punt return ability.

So, you be the judge. Is this Oklahoma focused draft an SRO Broadway hit or a lemon?

Would you reshuffle this draft so as to try to included Humphrey and/or Perkins?

if you had to decide between Jenkins or Humphrey, who would you take?