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Cardinals Sign WR A.J. Green

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Cardinals shift from Roy “Jetstream” Green to A.J. Green on St. Patrick’s Day and the start of the NFL new year.

As the Rap Man said, Green is coming off two difficult seasons, the one he missed in 2019 due to ligament tears in his ankle and this past one in which his typical PFF yearly grades in the 80s - 90s dropped to 66.3. His 66.3 actually would have been 2nd on the Cardinals at WR in 2020.

Green is imposing figure at 6-4, 210 and when healthy, he is a deluxe playmaker down the field. He will be turning 33 in July. He boasts 6 1,00 yard seasons (and almost a 7th when he had 964 yards in 2016) and 65 career TDs. Last season was his worst, production-wise, catching 47 passes for 523 yards (11.1 ave.) and 2 TDs.

The Cardinals are hoping that A.J. Green will experience a renaissance this season opposite DeAndre Hopkins.

One would imagine that the Cardinals new WR coach Shawn Jefferson put his stamp of approval on the move. Adding a savvy veteran to the mix can be an added help in developing the younger WRs such as Christian Kirk, Andy isabella, Keesean Johnson, A.J. Richardson and J.J. Ward.

Your thoughts?

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