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A.J. Green gives the Cardinals another veteran to lean on, but also doesn’t change much on Larry Fitzgerald

Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals it was important to find a wide receiver to play opposite DeAndre Hopkins this offseason.

When that happened with the signing of A.J. Green the speculation on Larry Fitzgerald began immediately.

The reality is that Green signing doesn’t change much on Fitzgerald unless the Cardinals are finally going to look at Christian Kirk and Andy Isabella for what they are... slot receivers.

Green is primarily an outside wide receiver as his snap counts the last five years:

2015: 770 snaps wide, 145 snaps slot
2016: 459 snaps wide, 92 snaps slot
2017: 761 snaps wide, 86 snaps slot
2018: 358 snaps wide, 99 snaps slot
2020: 687 snaps wide, 131 snaps slot

Green is going to play outside opposite of Hopkins. That means the slot position is still open.

That means if Fitzgerald wants to be back or the Cardinals want him back they have a spot for him to play and as Bobby Mac said:

If the Cardinals see that a player like Kirk or Isabella will be better than Fitz, then maybe they are ready to move on.

We will see, but what do you expect?