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My Watt Excitement: An Epexegesis (Clarification)

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

I know. I know. As rolcards, one of ROTB’s favorite and most insightful Birdgangers, posed to me during the midst of my elation with regard to the Cardinals signing JJ Watt, “I’m surprised that Walter is so excited about this as he so often talks about AZ being a place for retiring players to come and get paid to take it easy their last couple years.” True.

But, the Cardinals signing 34 DE stud JJ Watt is a notable exception.

Per Katherine Fitzgerald of AZ Central:

“I’m very excited,” Watt said shortly after arriving in Arizona via a plane flown by Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill. ”My wife and I are very excited to be here. Mr. Bidwill, Steve (Keim), everybody here has been unbelievable so far and I’m just excited to get started. I’m very excited to get to work, get to know the people of Arizona and to go to work and try to help them win a championship.

“The one thing I can promise you is I’m gonna work my ass off every single day to make you proud. I’m very proud to be a part of the Bird Gang and the Red Sea, so let’s get started.”

Watt’s Work Ethic, Passion and Loyalty to His Fanbase:

“if you can’t care enough to go out there and give everything you’ve got and try your hardest, that’s bullsh^&.”

I want this guy in the eyes and ears of every Cardinals’ player.

This is a major step toward getting rid of the country club culture that has dragged the Cardinals down for so long.

This a a major step toward the Cardinals finally having a defense where all 11 players are flat-out ballers who play and hit their hardest —- with the indomitable will to be the very best.

The Cardinals’ 34 defense is at its very best when the team has a stud like Calais Campbell at 34 DE, who commands a double team and keeps the linebackers clean.

if there was one player (other than the untouchable Aaron Donald) the Cardinals could sign who could help Isaiah Simmons emerge as one of the brightest young stars in the NFL, that player is 34 DE JJ Watt.

Think to of how better prepared the Cardinals offensive line will be to block Aaron Donald and all of the defensive fronts they face because they get to practice against JJ Watt.

There is a positive ripple effect on all three phases of the football team.

I also think he is the perfect teammate for DeAndre Hopkins.

And Kyler Murray:

Kyler tweets it perfectly:

“Let’s get it.”

And Haason Reddick:

Haason Reddick and JJ Watt do not play the same position.

I believe that the Cardinals know and understand they have to protect the present an the future at SAM OLB.

it would make no sense to sign 34 DE JJ Watt and let 34 SAM OLB Haason Reddick walk. Reddick, excelled at that position unlike any other SAM OLB the Cardinals have ever had, Plus, he had the highest pass rushing grade of any player in the NFL in Weeks 10-17.

The Cardinals need to get creative with the cap.

And I am confident that they will.

So, heck yeah, I am extremely excited. An, as my legendary coaching mentor and great friend, Miles Hubbard always said, “There’s nothing wrong with getting a little excited.”

Excited like Budda Baker:

Excited like Marshall Goidlgerg’s family: