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Peter King has questions about the Arizona Cardinals offseason sans the Rodney Hudson trade

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the first week of free agency in the books, the pundits are coming out to ask their questions and give their thoughts.

One of the oldest voices in the NFL is Peter King, and he writes in his Football Morning in America column about all 32 teams moves in free agency.

King has some question about the Arizona Cardinals decisions that make sense:

...not sure how good it is that players who were in their collective prime eight years ago are the keys to Arizona’s 2021 free-agent class. Watt will be 32 on opening day, Green 33 and Prater 37, and teamed with the primo center, Rodney Hudson (32 this season), acquired in trade from Las Vegas, the Cardinals seem to be hoping that Watt and Green, in particular, can have one or two golden seasons before they leave the game. It’s certainly not impossible, but Watt and Green first need to prove they can stay on the field...

This class of acquisitions, along with DeAndre Hopkins last year, shows the Cardinals are going for broke right now in a division that’s somewhere between vulnerable and the best division in football. Watt teaming with Chandler Jones and Green with Hopkins could be effective, but with the recent history of both newcomers, nothing is guaranteed. The addition of Hudson, however, should be one of the best acquisitions this month.

I get it. While all of the main acquisitions are the same age, Rodney Hudson has been healthy while J.J. Watt and A.J. Green simply cannot say the same thing.

The bigger question is on Green who has not looked productive in a couple of years, but there are legitimate questions about his effort level more than his ability. Green seemed checked out.

Maybe playing with Hopkins and in a more wide open offense will help him be engaged.