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After two weeks of free agency, what is the Arizona Cardinals biggest need heading into the 2021 NFL Draft?

Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals and Steve Keim set out to make sure that they could go a number of ways with the 16th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

While some positions are more of a premium than others with picks, the Cardinals were smart to realize that with 15 teams in front of them, there are too many variables for them to control.

That is why after two weeks of free agency, the Cardinals have addressed nearly every pressing need they had going into free agency and created a much more flexible round one process.

How would you rank the Cardinals needs heading into the 2021 NFL Draft?

Here is what mine would look like.

  1. CB - Still the most pressing need on the team, but if they add another veteran, this can move down the list a couple of spots.
  2. RB - While I trust Chase Edmonds, I also understand the importance of the position in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense. They need to find another running back.
  3. Edge - This is where the immediacy dies, but looking forward comes into focus. Chandler Jones contract is up after this year... What’s your plan?
  4. WR - See above, but put A.J. Green in Jones place.
  5. ILB - See above, but Jordan Hicks.
  6. Offensive/Defensive Line - No immediate need, but can you ever have enough?
  7. TE - I kept moving TE down the list because while it is important, it seems like unless you have a top guy, you can find pieces.
  8. S - The most complete position group on the roster?
  9. QB - Never mind, this is.