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Understanding the cost of trading up for the Arizona Cardinals

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With rumors beginning to spread about teams trying to move up or down, the question becomes what is the cost.

For the Arizona Cardinals, what would it cost them to move up from 16 to say nine or 11?

And, if we know the potential cost would they and should they be willing to pay it?

Let’s take a look at two scenarios.

Scenario A - Trading up with the Denver Broncos

With how the draft falls the Arizona Cardinals could find a trade partner in the Denver Broncos who have needs, but also have the ability to be smart with it.

If the Cardinals wanted to move up from 16 to nine what would the cost be?

From Rich Hill’s Draft Trade Value Chart:

Broncos 9th pick = 387 points

Cardinals 16th pick = 305 points

That means the Cardinals need to make up 82 points someway somehow. It seems far fetched to think a team like the Broncos, with a coach like Vic Fangio who is under a new GM can afford to sell a pick in 2021 and only have pick 16 in this draft as a return.

So, that means the Cardinals may have to include pick 49.

Cardinals 49th pick = 118 points

That puts the Cardinals on the wrong side now which means the Cardinals would likely get a fourth round pick back in return.

So, in the end it looks like this:

Cardinals get 9 and 114 = 416 points

Broncos get 16 and 49 = 423 points

Scenario B - Trading up with the New York Giants

Giants 11th pick = 358

Cardinals 16th pick = 305

Much closer so maybe less to deal with, but still have to make up those 53 points. Would be convenient to have a third right now.

Instead, you could actually get a pretty fair deal by again including your second round pick (49) and getting the Giants third round pick:

Cardinals get 11 and 76 = 419 points

Giants get 16 and 49 = 423 points

Would either of these deals interest you for the Cardinals to move up for?