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Understanding the value in trading down in the 2021 NFL Draft

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday one and all!

We have made it to the weekend and we will kick things off with a look at the opposite of yesterday... What could the Cardinals get for trading down?

If you want to see the cost to trade up, check out yesterday’s article.

Scenario A

Indianapolis Colts - 1.16 (305 points on DVTC)

Arizona Cardinals - 1.21, 4.127, 2022 2nd round pick (283)

The Cardinals and Colts are almost in the same boat. Neither team has a 2021 third round pick. Meaning would the Cardinals be willing to kick the can down the road and get a ‘22 second round pick?

The reason this is in there is because of...

Scenario B

Tennessee Titans - 1.16 (305)

Arizona Cardinals - 1.22, 3.85, 5.166, 2022 third-round pick (312)

Both teams need offensive line help. The question becomes who is willing to give up more. The weird thing is that future picks don’t constitute value, so you don’t know what you are getting.

So, is getting more immediate value worth the move down?

When teams from the same division have similar needs, it can become a good way to cash in.

Scenario C

Pittsburgh Steelers - 1.16 (305)

Arizona Cardinals - 1.24, 3.87, 4.128, 2022 fourth round pick (306)

Do any of these tempt you that much?