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Can the Arizona Cardinals take advantage of a potential falling star?

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals hold the 16th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and they could be in the market for a falling star.

Last year, Isaiah Simmons was the player the Cardinals caught falling as most teams didn’t see how to make him fit.

Now, in 2021 they have a chance to get another faller in Caleb Farley.

Farley is obviously a uber-talented athlete and had a stunningly good year in 2019, but he opted out in 2020.

That is not the issue at all.

Instead the issue is despite not playing in 2020, he had to have back surgery after an intensive offseason training regimen.

The question becomes, can Steve Keim and the Cardinals take a chance on him?

“As far as the medical goes, it’s going to be up to our doctors and trainers,” general manager Steve Keim told the media on Thursday. “You have to lean on those guys and rely on them and I’ll meet with those guys early next week and we’ll address all of those concerns.”

The surgery wasn’t anything crazy, a microdiscectomy is actually not invasive or major surgery, however there is one thing to worry about... It is a back surgery.

As the great philosopher SullyChiefs said, no one used to have a bad back.

So that is the question, when is the ticking time bomb of the back going to explode?

What are your thoughts?