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San Francisco 49ers set a high bar to move up, now will anyone be willing to match it?

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When we talked about the Arizona Cardinals trading up we talked about the cost.

In Peter King’s Football Morning in America column on Monday, the cost was discussed a bit and explained that everything we maybe had thought was wrong.

From FMIA:

Trades near the top of the draft could be limited this year. “The 49ers ruined the market by trading two ones to move nine spots,” one GM said. San Francisco, to go from 12 to three in the first round, gave Miami two future first-round picks and a third. So if Denver, for instance, wants to go from ninth to fourth with Atlanta to pick a quarterback, for example, Paton would have to pay a ransom because of the Niners’ market-setting move. I won’t be surprised if there are no trades in the top 10.

So, maybe getting to the Giants pick knowing how much Dave Gettleman values his picks in general, makes it even more difficult to envision trading up.

Could the Cardinals move up slightly to 13-14? Maybe, but it seems like at that point why give up a fifth rounder?

The other question is... Will this make it harder to move down?