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Arizona Cardinals select Rondale Moore with the 49th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have added a dynamic, play-making wide receiver with their second round pick.

The Cardinals selected wide receiver Rondale Moore with the 49th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Moore is a matchup nightmare out of the slot, at 5-7 181lbs with a 600 lbs squat and over 300 lbs bench, he is one of the strongest players in the draft.

Oh, and he was disappointed that he only ran a 4.29 forty yard dash with an astonishing 42.5” vertical jump.

From SB Nation:

Moore wastes no time or effort getting into his routes. He is explosive off the line of scrimmage, able to accelerate to top speed in a couple strides. However, he does a good job of throttling that speed, varying his tempo to throw off defenders’ timing. Moore does a good job of pressing his stems vertically, forcing defenders to respect his speed and allowing him to create separation with sharp breaks. He is also able to draw defensive pass interference calls, using his speed and agility to overwhelm defenders and can force panic grabs. Moore has very quick feet to go with explosive acceleration, allowing him to quickly make sharp cuts and carry his speed throughout his routes — or stop quickly and explode in a new direction.

Moore was also frequently put in motion prior to the snap, both as a misdirection element to the play, often running opposite the play side, as well as a ball carrier on jet sweeps. Moore shows similar vision, contact balance, explosiveness, and creativity as a pseudo-running back as he does in run-after-catch situations as a receiver.

Welcome to the desert, Rondale Moore.