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2021 NFL Draft: Day three draft order, TV, channels, streaming, and more

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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

What a day two of the NFL Draft

The Arizona Cardinals now have Zaven Collins and Ronadle Moore in tow, and they are looking to turn the corner from an 8-8 team to a playoff team.

No fourth round picks as of now, but let’s take a look at the initial draft order heading into the fourth round.

Here are the Cardinals remaining picks


  • Rounds 2 and 3: Friday, April 30 (4 - 8:30 p.m. Arizona Time)
  • Rounds 4 - 7: Saturday, May 1 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Arizona Time)

TV: ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network

Streaming: fuboTV (try for free), NFL app, ESPN app

106. Jacksonville Jaguars

107. New York Jets

108. Atlanta Falcons

109. Carolina Panthers (from Houston Texans)

110. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)

111. Cincinnati Bengals

112. Detroit Lions

113. Cleveland Browns (from Carolina Panthers)

114. Atlanta Falcons (from Denver Broncos)

115. Dallas Cowboys

116. New York Giants

117. Los Angeles Rams (from San Francisco 49ers)

118. Los Angeles Chargers

119. Minnesota Vikings

120. New England Patriots

121. Los Angeles Rams (from San Francisco 49ers)

122. Cincinnati Bengals (from Arizona through New England)

123. Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami)

124. Washington Football Team

125. Minnesota Vikings (from Chicago)

126. Tennessee Titans

127. Indianapolis Colts

128. Pittsburgh Steelers

129. Seattle Seahawks

130. Jacksonville Jaguars (from LA Rams)

131. Baltimore Ravens

132. Cleveland Browns

133. New Orleans Saints

134. Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo)

135. Tennesee Titans (from Green Bay Packers)

136. Baltimore Ravens (from Kansas City)

137. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

138. Dallas Cowboys

139. Cincinnati Bengals (from New England Patriots)

140. Pittsburgh Steelers

141. Los Angeles Rams

142. Green Bay Packers

143. New York Jets (from Minnesota Vikings)

144. Kansas City Chiefs

Check out SB Nation NFL for the rest of the order as it happens.