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Arizona Cardinals have a number of intriguing matchups who could get the primetime treatment

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images

With the NFL schedule set to be released tomorrow, we have to take a stab at a number of games that could end up as potential primetime games for the Arizona Cardinals.

We will have a schedule tracker throughout the day and finish when the finals schedule is released.

Which games could the Cardinals get in primetime?

Let’s take a look.

Seattle Seahawks or San Francisco 49ers - Home/Away: This will likely be a Thursday Night Game. Almost every season we see the Cardinals take on one of the NFC West rivals in a TNF Game.

Cleveland Browns - The Cardinals 17th game will be against the Browns, but it doesn’t mean it will be the last game of the season. Kyler Murray vs Baker Mayfield will be intriguing and give the Cardinals another chance for primetime.

Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys get primetime treatments a lot. They again host the Cardinals, could this be another one?

Green Bay Packers - They are not quite as interesting if they do not have Aaron Rodgers, but if they can find a way to keep the star quarterback, this could be a primetime matchup.

I see three primetime games for the Cardinals - @ San Francisco 49ers, @ Cleveland Browns, home against the Seattle Seahawks. The wildcard will be the Packers.

What do you think?