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Arizona Cardinals to host Indianapolis Colts on Christmas Day

Arizona Cardinals v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As the 2021 NFL Schedule slowly leaks out on the internet before the NFL officially releases the schedule tonight at 5 pm Arizona time, we get bits and pieces.

The NFL allowed their broadcast affiliates to announce the week one schedule, and now we know the Cardinals week 16 schedule... reportedly.

We didn’t take into account the Cardinals getting the Saturday Christmas National game this year when we talked about the Cardinals primetime and national games, but this would be a good one for the Cardinals.

The Indianapolis Colts are one of the AFC South favorites with the move to trade for Carson Wentz, with Wentz in tow the Colts will come to Arizona for a Christmas Day showdown which will hopefully have meaningful playoff implications for both teams.

So to recap here is what we know about the Cardinals schedule so far:

Week 1 - @ Tennessee Titans
Week 16 - v Indianapolis Colts on Christmas Day