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Arizona Cardinals officially sign four undrafted free agents in 2021 class

South Florida v Cincinnati Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have plenty of names on the roster.

They added four more on Thursday officially, as they signed their smallest undrafted free agent draft class of the last decade.

On Thursday the team announced they had agreed to terms with four players as undrafted free agents:

  • N.C. State TE Cary Angeline
  • Arizona CB Lorenzo Burns
  • Cincinnati TE Bruno Labelle
  • Oklahoma State DL Cam Murray

Over the next several days we will get to know these four players and wrap up our look at the drafted prospects, but the small undrafted class makes sense when you look at all of the futures contracts they were signing before free agency.

Remember, even just before the 2021 NFL Draft they signed five players who they have on the roster.

Jess and I have discussed this on the podcast, that the unknowns of the 2021 NFL Draft and the lack of meeting with prospects probably made this undrafted period a little more difficult.

Welcome to the desert one and all.