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News and notes on the Los Angeles Rams 2021 NFL Draft class

Louisville v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Happy Sunday one and all.

We made it through draft weekend, with that we need to see what the rest of the NFC West did.

We start with a look at the Los Angeles Rams with Turf Show Times.

Which first round prospect would be your dream for the Rams? - Turf Show Times
When you don’t have a hand to play, reach for the unreachable

NFL Draft Results: Rams pick “DeSean Jackson, Jr.” in second round - Turf Show Times
With the 57th overall pick, in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select ...

Twitter reacts (harshly) to the LA Rams picking Tutu Atwell in round 2 - Turf Show Times
Did the Rams reach for the lightest NFL wide receiver of the century?

NFL Draft Results: Rams pick linebacker with GENIUS FOOTBALL IQ - Turf Show Times
Jones will be coming for a starting job

Rams draft grades: The internet is mad about what Sean McVay did - Turf Show Times
Let’s talk about Tutu Atwell and Ernest Jones again

Rams get BIG on the defensive line with their first Day 3 pick: Bobby Brown III - Turf Show Times
LA is getting bigger upfront on defense

Rams draft results: The Rams got a Day 2 cornerback on Day 3! - Turf Show Times
This is a great value pick for the Rams

Rams Draft Results: Les Snead chooses the “Tutu Atwell” of day 3! - Turf Show Times
Thin, fast, he’s the Tutu Atwell of day 3!

Rams get their Morgan Fox replacement in the FIFTH round! - Turf Show Times
Brown could potentially fill the void left by Morgan Fox

Rams draft results: Les Snead gets another explosive athlete at RB - Turf Show Times
Les Snead is focusing on athletes in the draft

Rams add “the draft gem nobody is talking about” in the 7th round - Turf Show Times
"The draft gem nobody is talking about"

Rams final draft pick had 5 sacks in a single game last season - Turf Show Times
Garrett was a production monster in college, but at one of the smallest schools to be drafted out of