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Happy Memorial Day from Revenge of the Birds

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Happy Memorial Day one and all.

We have a Monday off in May because of the sacrifice from so many and that is something that can get overlooked at times.

I am fortunate that all of my family that has served made it back safe, but for many that is not the case.

We have to remember their sacrifice and appreciate that they have allowed us to have freedoms that we do.

Of course, one of the first names many Arizona Cardinals fans think of on Memorial Day is Pat Tillman, someone who paid that sacrifice.

Tillman is still one of the most iconic Cardinals in history and most of it was from the things he did off the field.

So from all of us at Revenge of the Birds, thank you to those for their sacrifice.

Darren Urban summed it up best:

I have the card that was handed out at his funeral, and it contains a line (attributed often to William Wallace) that always sticks with me when thinking of Tillman, because it encompasses him perfectly.

Every man dies. Not every man really lives.