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Mel Kiper Jr. gives the Arizona Cardinals a ‘B-’ for the 2021 NFL Draft class

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We have 2021 NFL Draft grades.

Mel Kiper Jr. gives the Cardinals a draft grade and it is not a bad one... but it is not the best either.

Let’s take a look at E$PN:

Arizona Cardinals: B-

Top needs: TE, WR, CB

Zaven Collins (16) went about 12 picks higher than I thought, but it seems like the organization has a plan for him, putting him in the linebacker role that saw a breakout season from Haason Reddick a year ago. Collins is extremely versatile — he was the only FBS player with at least four sacks and four interceptions last season — and he joins linebacker/safety hybrid Isaiah Simmons, who flashed as a rookie but needs a more consistent role going forward. Rondale Moore (49) is a 5-foot-7 dynamo who will likely be Kyler Murray’s favorite slot target in 2021. The thing to note here is that Kliff Kingsbury puts four wide receivers on the field far more than any other team, so Moore will have a big role.

Arizona’s 2020 draft class didn’t produce many impact players, and so general manager Steve Keim has to get something out of Collins and Moore to get this team over the hump. The NFC West is going to be extremely tough again. This class gets downgraded a little bit because Keim didn’t add to the tight end or running back depth chart, but the Hopkins and Hudson trades keep it from C territory.

Don’t want this to get pulled down, so there are some swaths missing, but Kiper talks quite a bit about the lack of impact from 2020 and how Collins and Moore will need to help make up for that.

The Cardinals are already saying they expect Collins and Moore to be impact players, but they’ll need one of their day three picks to make an impact as well.

If one of Marco Wilson or Tay Gowan can come in and make plays early, then this will be a good draft.

However, Kiper and most pundits will lament the lack of corners early.

What do you think?