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SB Nation Reacts: Arizona Cardinals fans are happy with the 2021 NFL Draft

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NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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What the Arizona Cardinals did in the 2021 NFL Draft is not overly surprising. They invested in players at positions they have invested in heavily the last several seasons, especially with their first two picks in the draft.

Grabbing Zaven Collins in round one then following up with Rondale Moore in round two gives the Cardinals now five off ball linebackers in the top 45 picks since Steve Keim has taken over.

They also have now drafted three receivers in the second round in the last four drafts. The question becomes, will these be the players that take off?

Fans are cautiously optimistic based on their grade for the Arizona Cardinals 2021 NFL Draft class.

I think a “B” is a fair grade for the Cardinals. They addressed need positions later, but left without a tight end or even a running back. However, they also have potential play makers in Collins and Moore that could be answers they have been trying to find.

What do you think?