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Arizona Cardinals offensive line rankings nearing the top 10

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Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals one of the best things of the Kliff Kingsbury era has been the improvement along the offensive line.

Kingsbury’s short and quick passing game along with the improvements made by offensive line coach Sean Kugler has created a nice offensive line.

Have to also give a hat tip to Steve Keim, who has worked overtime trying to improve the group.

The Cardinals offensive line group now ranks in the top half of the league according to PFF:


Arizona’s offensive line during head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s two seasons has a distinct trend of excelling on pass plays but faltering in the run game. The unit has two top-10 rankings in PFF pass-blocking grade but two bottom-10 rankings in run-blocking grade.

Despite the low run-blocking grade, the Cardinals’ line has excelled at creating yards before contact, generating the third-highest EPA per play on runs last season (0.07) in large part due to quarterback Kyler Murray’s rushing ability.

If the Cardinals get the improvement from the Rodney Hudson acquisition and can get back to their 2019 run blocking schemes, look out.