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Arizona Cardinals primed for big rushing season, but with workload split

NFL: Arizona Cardinals OTA USA TODAY Sports

If the Arizona Cardinals are going to take the next step part of what they’ll need is a strong running game.

When you look at last season, it was Kyler Murray really carrying the load.

In 2021 you’d like to see that change to the running backs leading the way with Murray pitching in a strong helpful hand.

Fantasy Pros projected the Cardinals top three rushers and they put together quite the season:

James Conner: 171 carries for 805 yards and 7 touchdowns

Chase Edmonds: 155 carries for 704 yards and 4 touchdowns

Kyler Murray: 126 carries 723 yards and 8 touchdowns

Their top three carry the ball 452 times for 2,232 yards and 19 touchdowns.

That would be quite the season. Obviously 17 games makes this a bit worse than the top teams in 2020, but for only three players, not a bad season and would likely put the Cardinals in the top five with minor contributions from the rest of the team.

What would you think?