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Worry abound for the 2021 Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Off-Season Workout Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Whether it is questions about where or how much Kyler Murray is working out, Chandler Jones removing all mention of the Arizona Cardinals from his personal Instagram account, just what the hell is going on with Larry Fitzgerald, or if Steve Keim missed the boat again in the 2021 NFL Draft, worry is the word of the offseason for Arizona Cardinals fans.

The Cardinals have much to worry about, but as fans the biggest worry remains if the team and franchise for that matter is heading in the right direction?

The Cardinals are a franchise that loses... That is just the reality. Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a worse winning percentage in franchise history, the Cardinals sit at .424%, while the Bucs sit at .393.

Of course every Cardinals fan would switch right now if that meant they had celebrated two Super Bowl wins in the franchises history.

The Cardinals are losers. Only three franchises have been to the playoffs less than the 10 times the Cardinals have, the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers. Of course the Texans formed in 2002 and the Jags and Panthers in 1995.

That is why Cardinals fans, with a litany of what should be exciting moves, putting them in contention for a playoff spot are more worried about what is not going on, or what is not being done.

Because we are still waiting for that losing shoe to drop.

Is there a fix? Of course there is, winning.

You have a quarterback who lost two games from his freshman year of high school until he left Oklahoma as a Heisman quarterback.

You have the best defensive player from the 2010’s, one of the best pass rushers of the past two decades, a first ballot hall of fame wide receiver who may have replaced the other first ballot hall of fame wide receiver on your roster, and upgraded at every position of need this offseason sans tight end.

Except we as Cardinals fans know better, right? We can’t expect to believe that they are finally getting it right and turning it around... Can we?