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Alternate helmets coming back in 2022, could the Arizona Cardinals ever bring back an oldie but goodie?

St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals haven’t had a uniform update in some time, something that has been discussed quite a bit.

Yet, it seems unlikely that will happen in 2021.

However, they could be looking at bringing some uniform concepts back in 2022.

The NFL officially made the decision to allow for alternate helmets to be a part of uniforms starting in 2022.

That could mean we could see some of these again.

Dallas Cowboys v St. Louis Cardinal
Aeneas Williams #35

Obviously we would like to see the Arizona Cardinals update their uniforms and come to the 21st century, however that seems like it’s not happening.

However, maybe we could see the Cardinals bring back some of the older uniforms for a game or two and give us something slightly different. We don’t have a lot to choose from, as the Cardinals have not changed things up much.

Of course, it’s the Arizona Cardinals, so who knows.