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NFC West Odds

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

According to our friend Jimmy Shapiro, courtesy of BetOnLine:

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals Division Finishing Position

4 10/11

3 16/5

2 19/4

1 5/1

Los Angeles Rams Division Finishing Position

1 2/1

2 2/1

3 13/5

4 21/4

San Francisco 49ers Division Finishing Position

2 2/1

1 11/5

3 5/2

4 5/1

Seattle Seahawks Division Finishing Position

3 9/4

1 5/2

2 13/5

4 16/5

I believe that the Cardinals have a stronger chance to win in the NFC West this season because of their commitment this off-season to re-define the veteran leadership, to get more physical across the board and to add speed at key positions.

They key to the Cardinals’ success is to keep improving their division record:

2019: 1-5

2020: 2-4

Of course, one of the most auspicious signs of the Cardinals’ improvement would be to beat the Rams who are 8-0 versus the Cardinals under Sean McVay.


Would you consider this season a positive step forward if the Cardinals split with each team in the NFC West and went 3-3?

Thanks for the betting odds info, Jimmy.