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Kyler Murray one of the seven best quarerbacks in the NFL according to Chris Simms

Arizona Cardinals Off-Season Workout Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With everyone giving their offseason rankings, we waited to hear from former NFL quarterback Chris Simms.

Simms drops his top 40 quarterbacks every year and fans love it because it gives them something to complain about.

That means when Simms was bleeding out his list and Kyler Murray did not make an appearance heading into the top ten, things were good.

So, when Simms dropped Murray as his seventh best quarterback last Wednesday there wasn’t much for Arizona Cardinals fans to complain about.

The only quarterbacks in front of Murray:

6. Lamar Jackson - 1x All Pro 1x MVP
5. Russell Wilson - 7x Pro Bowler 1x SB Champ
4. Deshaun Watson - 3x Pro Bowler
3. Aaron Rodgers - 9x Pro Bowler 3x All Pro 1x SB Champ 3x MVP
2. Josh Allen - Pro Bowler
1. Patrick Mahomes - 3x Pro Bowler 1x All Pro 1x MVP 1x SB Champ

I’d argue that Tom Brady should probably still be in front of everyone on this list, but alas.

I think for the Cardinals and their future as long as he maintains this area then the Cardinals are in a great place.

What do you think of Murray’s position on this list?