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Isaiah Simmons could breakout in season two with the Arizona Cardinals

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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals need their 2020 first round pick to take the next step in 2021.

Isaiah Simmons had a fine first season, but was left learning more than playing. Much of that was the fact he had to come in during a pandemic and getting literally zero offseason work.

He had to learn on the fly and it showed.

Simmons played a paltry 376 snaps on defense, only 34% of the defensive snaps.

The expectation is he’ll basically triple those numbers in 2021 and become an everydown player.

That growth in snaps should also mean a growth in on field production, which is why Pro Football Focus believes Simmons could breakout in year two.

From PFF:


There were always going to be growing pains when it came to Isaiah Simmons’ transition to the NFL, and that was apparent in 2020. He was labeled a Swiss Army knife coming out of college after playing over 100 snaps on the defensive line, in the box and as a defensive back. That transition to the NFL was tough for Simmons, though, as is evident in his lackluster 59.9 PFF grade.

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