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Tyrann Mathieu is the Arizona Cardinals best value pick since 2006

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New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Last night we discussed the idea of draft value.

How is it defined? For the Arizona Cardinals their most valuable pick in the last 15 years has been Tyrann Mathieu according to PFF.

Their reasoning:


Mathieu is at the very center of one of the biggest “what if” moments in Cardinals franchise history after he tore his ACL intercepting a pass in garbage time of a Week 15 win in 2015. He earned a 90.9 coverage grade that season manning mostly the slot for Arizona and was one of the most impactful defenders in the league.

Arizona would ultimately lose in the NFC championship game and Mathieu would struggle to regain his form. Still, there’s no denying the impact he made in Arizona after falling to the third round after multiple positive drug tests at LSU.

I disagree slightly.

Not because Mathieu isn’t great, he always was, but because I don’t view a third round pick as someone overplaying their draft slot.

However, since Mathieu is a multi-time All Pro he is a great value no matter where he was drafted.

Mathieu is a borderline Hall of Famer... so of course he has great value.