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Opening up the time machine to take a trip back down to 2018 NFL Draft

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Happy Sunday one and all.

We are into the abrasive heat of summer, meaning that we need to give you something to cool off.

Justin and I took a look back in time to the 2018 NFL Draft, which was an important one for the Arizona Cardinals.

We revisit their best and worst takes leading up to the selections of the famed 2018 NFL Draft QB class.

How did Justin feel when his beloved Cleveland Browns drafted Baker Mayfield, and how excited were Seth and Producer Rob about the Cardinals trading up for Josh Rosen?

Tune in for a reflection on all five 1st Round QBs, and where they are today. Plus, a double flame emoji hot take from the 2018 NFL Draft Day 2 archives of CBS Sports HQ (Skip to the 34:00 mark for instant gratification).

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