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Arizona Cardinals have plenty of options to be the number two wide receiver in 2021

Arizona Cardinals Off-Season Workout Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Everyone knows that DeAndre Hopkins is the man in Arizona.

In Hopkins first season with the Arizona Cardinals, he only had 115 catches for 1,407 yards and six touchdowns.

By the way, the 115 catches were a club record and the 1,407 yards were good for eighth on the all-time single season record.

The question becomes, who will be the Arizona Cardinals number two receiver statistically in 2021?

The obvious front runners are going to be A.J. Green and Christian Kirk, who will likely be the starters opposite, or on the field with Hopkins.

Then you have rookie Rondale Moore, who will get plenty of opportunities when the Cardinals go into their 10 personnel, meaning four wide receivers and one running back.

So, not in terms of reps, that will likely be Kirk or Green, but in terms of production will we see reach the level as the number two receiver statistically?

I think we will see it actually divvied up fairly well between the three.

I think Kirk will lead in catches, he will finish with 65 or so.

Green will lead in touchdowns, replacing Dan Arnold as the big bodied target in the red zone, finishing with eight total touchdown receptions.

I think Moore has a great chance to be the second most productive yards wise with his big play ability.

I could see Moore having only 45-50 receptions, but something like 750-850 yards.

What do you think?