Goodbye Revenge of the Birds !!

Well, it has been a nice run.

Unfortunately of late the constant harassment of one particular member, (UACardsfan) has gotten out of hand.

In the Red rein podcast article this harassment continued and for whatever reason my post was deleted and I was issued a warning.

The problem I have is that for months now this one member (UAcardsfan) continuously posts "trolling" comments. I have asked numerous times for this member to please stop replying to my comments. They are often personal attacks and contribute nothing to the conversation of Cardinals football. I avoid commenting on his original comments, and have asked for the same..... or just to keep the conversation about football.

What I cannot continue on with is a forum that turns a blind eye to this, and deletes my posts in defense.

Again, my post history would show repeatedly I have asked this member to stop. Thus I feel my posts in defense of myself being deleted unfair, as well as the warning.

With that..... I say goodbye. I will no longer participate here. I wish everyone (-1) the very best, and hope tha Cardinals have a great year.

Goodbye Revenge of the birds


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