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Los Angeles Rams Cam Akers reportedly tears achilles in offseason workout

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It’s starting to feel like football season, because it is the time of year where you hear about injuries and you just feel awful.

It is not the Arizona Cardinals, but it will effect them as the Los Angeles Rams will be without second year running back Can Akers after Akers ruptured his achilles during a workout.

I hate this.

Akers is a player I loved coming out in 2020, while I hate that he is playing for the Rams, it sucks to see a young, talented player lose a season so early in his career.

It is especially bad for Akers because he was going to be the bell cow for the Rams rushing attack that was supposed to be boosted due to the arrival of quarterback Matthew Stanford.

While we wait to hear about this officially from the Rams, let’s hope that Akers surgery goes well and he is able to recover quick and fully.

The Rams now go into the season with Darrell Henderson, Xavier Jones who was a 2020 in drafted free agent out of SMU and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers seventh round pick Raymond Calais.

Good luck and speedy recovery, Cam.