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Arizona Cardinals a bottom half of the league team outside of Kyler Murray? ESPN thinks so

Arizona Cardinals Off-Season Workout Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When we looked at the NFC West from ESPN’s future power rankings it was interesting to see the Arizona Cardinals at the bottom of the barrel.

For the Cardinals to be ranked last, it is a bit surprising when you look at what they have in the hopper.

Obviously Kyler Murray is the centerpiece, but over the next three years they also have DeAndre Hopkins, D.J. Humphries and Rodney Hudson. They also see potential in Rondale Moore and still hold out hope for Christian Kirk.

Defensively they are expecting to be able to build around their inside linebackers Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins as well as young cornerback Byron Murphy and All Pro Budda Baker.

Now, I would agree that the 49ers core has shown more outside of the quarterback position, and as long as Pete Carroll and Sean McVay are coaching you like the three-year outlook of those teams, are they really set up for more success?

Look at the ESPN rankings:

Overall Roster (minus QB)

  • SF: 86.5 (4th)
  • LA: 84.0 (10th)
  • SEA: 80.3 (13th)
  • ARI: 72.5 (22nd)

Now, this is where I don’t see it. I don’t see the Cardinals roster as being a bottom third in the league outside of Murray. Now, have they shown to be top ten? No, but over the next three years are they going to be drafting in the top ten every year?

If so, it’s going to be a miserable time in the desert.

What do you think?