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Arizona Cardinals look lifeless in preseason loss to Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was as unwatchable as any football game I can remember, and yet it was still football.

That’s why they have these preseason games, to get the kinks out.

The Arizona Cardinals looked like one big kink on Friday night in their 17-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kyler Murray and the first team offense looked uninspired in nine offensive snaps.

There were missed blocks, missed catches and missed opportunities.

There’s also the good.

Zaven Collins looks like he could be a defensive monster for the Cardinals.

Byron Murphy looks like he is coming into his own and the defense wasn’t bad missing a number of key contributors against the high octane Chiefs offense.

Offensively, Chris Steveler, Greg Dortch and Ross Travis were bright spots.

There was some bad along the offensive line, but a second watch will be needed to pinpoint the issues.

Overall, it’s the preseason and the Arizona Cardinals look like it.

Thank goodness it doesn’t count.