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3 winners and a whole lot of losers in the Arizona Cardinals preseason loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

What an ugly display of football that was.

Thank goodness it is only the preseason and none of it really matters.

There were a couple of pieces that looked good, but for the most part, this was a toilet game... flush it away.

Let’s take a look at the three winners and then the others from the Cardinals preseason week two loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.


Chris Streveler - You can only play the players in front of you and so far Streveler looks like the best player on the field when he is on it. That is a good thing for the Arizona Cardinals.

Zaven Collins - Collins looks the part, and through two brief appearances has played the part as the “Mike” on the defense.

Greg Dortch - Dortch is looking like the type of preseason find that sticks. He has played well as a wide receiver and his return ability has been a huge plus.


It is easier to do this in a couple of ways then list off half the roster.

Sean Kugler - The guy that so many fans have been pinning the positives of the team on, his unit looks lost. Kansas City has undoubtedly upgraded their defense, but the first team offensive line looked like they had no shot. That would be the third best defensive line in the NFC West. Kugler’s offensive line looks shoddy at best and incompetent and out of sync. Let’s hope this is just preseason rust.

Kliff Kingsbury - Kingsbury needs to find the juice to get the focus in. It is tough when key players are uninterested in playing in the preseason and either still play or are in street clothes on the sideline, but the talent level is too high for the effort level of last night. It was not the results that are bothersome, but the effort.