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J.J. Watt is back for the Arizona Cardinals

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Training Camp The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Since the initial test run for the Arizona Cardinals heading into training camp 2021, the fans and media have been waiting to see J.J. Watt with the team.

Of course, that conveniently became impossible after Watt tweaked something during that run and has been absent from the workouts since.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like the Cardinals used an injury to keep Watt hidden during the open portion of camp and practices.

I mean, he is back now that practices are all closed and the team is unlikely to play many starters in their final preseason game.

Meaning the first time we see Watt on the field for the Cardinals is instead going to be game one of the regular season.

It is important for Watt to be back on the field for the team and limiting Watt early in snap counts make sense.

The Cardinals need Watt to be a hit, while also needing the defense in general to be great. That is why you have to wonder how long it will take for the Cardinals defense to get into a groove with all of the injuries they have dealt with.

No Watt, no Jordan Phillips, not a whole lot of Chandler Jones.

Now, with Watt back things are getting back to normal, let’s hope they are ready for Tennessee in week one.