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Arizona Cardinals do not claim any players after waivers are processed

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Red & White Practice Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We talked about the Arizona Cardinals first 53-man roster of the 2021 NFL season and right now there are no changes.

That is right, after waivers were processed, the Cardinals were awarded no players.

That is not to say they did not put in waiver request on anyone, but instead they were not awarded any players.

Here are how the waivers fell.

It is not a surprise, as a waiver claim makes things a little different than outright signing a free agent who has cleared waivers, which now all players have done and are free to sign with a team on the roster or their practice squad.

The Cardinals also did not have any players they released claimed, which means they bet well on who they could release and potentially bring back on the practice squad.

We will see who makes that as we go through the next couple of days.