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Arizona Cardinals projected to finish in 2021 playoffs in’s 2021 predictions

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Arizona Cardinals make the playoffs in 2021?

That seems to be the biggest question everyone is asking. Well, Cynthia Frelund of ran her yearly projections and the 300,000 simulation runs gave the Cardinals quite the season.

From Frelund:

Wins: 9.1

Ceiling: 12.4

Floor: 7.3

FanDuel over/under: 8.5

The Cardinals have a boom-or-bust profile, with quarterback and secondary play both flagging as strongly influential factors. As far as the QB is concerned, Kyler Murray earns at least 34 total touchdowns in 58.7 percent of simulations, which is a very high percentage in this exercise.

This is actually ironic, because through my 300,000 simulations I ran in my mind, the Cardinals finish 10-7... Of course by ran simulations in my mind, I mean drank beer and talked to my friends. I think the Cardinals win 10 games, that gives them a four win window and that is what they have on Frelund’s simulation as well.

I obviously agree, but what do you think?