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2022 NFL Draft: Rattler and Howell open the door for the rest of the QB class

Oklahoma v Tulane Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Happy Saturday one and all.

This is a little late, but a good listen if you want to hear from the guys on the 2022 NFL Draft and talk about the top prospects.

However, Seth sucks with the publish button, so you get it early Saturday morning, which actually makes us look smarter.

Here is everything on this week’s free show.

College football is all the way back, and Justin and I kick off this week’s show with their Top 5 team rankings. Then, the guys review the performances of some of the top QB hopefuls for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Are shaky Week 1 performances by Spencer Rattler and Sam Howell opening the door for someone else to be this year’s QB1? Plus, a preview of a Friday matchup between one of the top Group of 5 teams and its only “Power 5” opponent of the year. And of course, a hot take

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