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RotB staff predictions for 2021 Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Let’s go!

The Arizona Cardinals kickoff in 30 minutes, so what does some of the staff expect for 2021?

Let’s take a look.

Robert Ban

Oh hey all, been a minute. I’ll admit my attention waned a bit, as one is to do when they have zero faith in the people running their team...

But anyway! It’s the start of the season, one is supposed to have unbridled optimism for their home team, or they lose internet cheerleader points, or something. Let me just check my notes here... yeah, same people are in charge, went over that... still a small handful of actual star power, but adding Hudson was nice... another LB in the first - because if at first or second or so on you don’t suceed...

7-10? (Man, I’m still not used to the new schedule...)

John Buckley

9-8, 4th in the NFC West, miss the playoffs. The offense should be fine, but I don’t trust the defense. Too many injury-prone players and one of the worst groups of CBs in the league. We also play in the toughest division in football and have one more road game than home games (yet another reason why I hate the 17-game schedule). I hope Bidwill would clean house if we miss the playoffs, but maybe getting over .500 would be enough “progress” to give Keim and Kliff one more season, which would be horrible. Would love to be wrong, but this just doesn’t feel like a playoff team to me.

Walter Mitchell

I am not a predictions guy, because I like to take the process one day and week at a time ( see Football Gods article). That said, because the Cardinals in year three of Kliff Kingsbury, Vance Joseph and Jeff Rodgers are the only NFC West team this year to have complete coordinator continuity, and because the Cardinals have added/retained key leaders and have become more physical across the board personnel-wise, I believe that, if the Cardinals can stay healthy and focused, they could find themselves very much in the mix to win the division.

Seth Cox

Based on talent added, based on how they’ve grown over the last couple of years, this is a team that should be in the mix.

Not just for the playoffs, but competing for an NFC West title and be a threat in the NFC.

Based on the schedule and fragility of the squads talent when it comes to injury, I think the Cardinals end up at 10-7 and in the playoffs.