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Red Rain: ARI 38 TEN 13 Kliff Notes

Game Highlights:

Elite vision and precision on the move for Kyler Murray.

Good thing that Kyler attended a number of NBA games this off-season because how often have you ever seen an NFL QB maneuver at top speed through this kind of traffic and then, when converged upon by two defenders, come to a jump stop and then have the savvy and wherewithal to perform a step back move to create an added second of time to then deliver an absolute dime downfield? This is Kyler Murray channeling his inner Trae Young!

Outstanding spin move and RAC TD by Hopkins!

Classic slot fade drop the ball in the bucket precision.

Way to play contain and tackle low, big dawg, Chan-Copter!

Beware of the Chan-Copter!

Good edge pressure from Jones and Golden and a brand new version of the Desert Swarm!

Ize-Ize Baby!

The 12th Player Award! What a great vibe from Suz, and all the Red Sea members who made their presence felt in Nashville!

Top 10 PFF Grades: (Offense—-Defense—-Special Teams)

  1. Kirk-85.9—————————Jones-93.9———————————Daniels-74.3
  2. K. Murray-84.5——————Kennard-90.0—————————-Harris-74.0
  3. Hopkins-81.8———————Baker-85.4———————————Washington-66.4
  4. Moore-80.9———————--Murphy-76.3——————————Brewer-64.8
  5. Humphries 87.8—————-Alford-76.1———————————-D. Thompson-62.8
  6. Pugh-67.8————————-Collins-72.5——————————-Turner-62.6
  7. Beachum-67.4——————-Vallejo-68.7——————————-Fitts-66.9
  8. J. Murray-66.4——————-Golden-68.0——————————Vallejo-61.8
  9. Edmonds-63.8——————-Watt-67.5———————————-Pugh-61.5
  10. Conner-63.3———————-Simmons-62.9————————-Humphries, J. Jones-61.0

Your thoughts and emotions?