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Minnesota Vikings linebackers banged up heading into matchup with Arizona Cardinals

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The heart of the Minnesota Vikings defense could be on the sideline on Sunday in their matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

According to report, the Vikings were without Eric Kendricks at practice today, something to monitor.

The Vikings linebackers, especially Kendricks and Barr, are what make the defense hum. They struggled against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday in a 27-24 overtime loss. While you might say, how is an overtime loss a struggle, they allowed 149 yards rushing, while only gaining 67 of their own.

Now, add in both Kendricks and Barr missing time against a potent Arizona Cardinals rushing attack, plus both are excellent in pass coverage, and it could be a good opportunity for the Cardinals to build on their week one win over the Titans.

While we always want the Cardinals to win, let’s hope it is nothing serious for Kendricks and he is healthy throughout the season and moving forward.