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Gus on the Bus: “He’s a Natural!”

FOX play by play caller Gus Johnson has been on the Kyler Murray bus for several years now. Hear him make the calls on two of Kyler’s most sparkling plays, one from Oklahoma and one from the Cardinals’ 34-33 win this past Sunday:

“He’s a NATURAL!”

Ok —- so here is Gus’s and Aqib Talib’s call of the final few minutes of the game. It’s well worth watching again, because of how much the Cardinals can learn from the numerous mistakes they made following Kyler Murray’s 4th down rainbow dime to Christian Kirk.

If you were the Cardinals coaches and you were you reviewing these plays with the team, what would you say? How critical should the coaches be for the decisions they made?

The two most important things that went went right for the Cardinals following Kirk’s catch:

  1. Matt Prater and the field goal unit making the go-ahead field goal.
  2. Kliff Kingsbury electing not to call a timeout to ice the kicker.

Just about everything else went wrong for the Cardinals during this stretch.

And yet, listen to Gus Johnson’s call of the missed field goal, which was scrumptious ear candy for Cardinals’ fans all over the world!

Here is the link: (it wouldn’t let me embed it, but don’t let that deter you from clicking on the YouTube link titled: #AmericanFootball

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  • Stay tuned for more Gus Johnson this Sunday as he and Aqib Talib will be calling the Cardinals @ Jaguars game.