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Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars (2021) second half open thread

Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

An embarrassing end to what was an embarrassing first half.

And yes, that just happened.

The Arizona Cardinals trail the Jacksonville Jaguars are tied 13-7 at the half and the Cardinals have again dealt with self-inflicted wounds on offense, and a weird inability to get stops during the two minute drill on defense.

The Cardinals have failed on two 3-1 conversions on offense today, one going with power run up the middle to no avail, while the first was a quick slant that a veteran got bullied by a rookie cornerback.

Then they have had two back breaking penalties on two other drives, with D.J. Humphries getting a ticky tack holding call while Maxx Williams was called for a ticky tack offensive pass interference call.

Those two things, combined with the asinine field goal attempt to end the half have left the Cardinals looking like the team that was lost and 0-2 heading into this matchup.

The Jaguars are playing desperate, hungry football. The Cardinals are playing football like they expect to win and making decisions in the same way.

The second half needs to get off to a good start or the 2-0 start is all but wasted.

Let’s go Cardinals.