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Arizona Cardinals and Jordan Hicks continue to benefit from each other

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason would have you believe that the Arizona Cardinals had irrevocably damaged their relationship.

After the Cardinals drafted Zaven Collins and then quickly named he and Isaiah Simmons as the starting linebacker duo for the team heading into the season Hicks requested a trade.

No one bit, the Arizona Cardinals brought Hicks back into the fold and Vance Joseph made sure he knew he was going to be a valuable piece to an improved defense.

Through three games, Hicks is not just a valuable piece, he seems to be back at the controls of the defense.

While he does not have the green dot locked down, Hicks has been consistently wearing the green dot and was voted as a captain by his teammates.

He is a trusted leader and through three games has been one of the most productive linebackers in the NFL.

Hicks and the Cardinals seemed destined for a breakup, but instead the reconciliation has been a benefit to both.

Hicks is getting a chance to show he can still play at a high level, while the Cardinals are able to put Collins in a situation to succeed instead of letting him sink or swim.

This is a huge benefit and through three games, has helped the Cardinals get to 3-0 on the season.

Now is the real test as they have the NFC West in their next two games and a chance to get off on the right foot in the division.

Hicks will be a big part of the story if the continue to have success.