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Miami Dolphins request interview with Vance Joseph for head coach opening

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have steadily improved over the last three seasons, and before injuries beset the defense in 2021, they had one of the best units in the NFL under the guidance of Vance Joseph.

So, it stands to reason that Joseph would be a name that would get some traction during the 2022 NFL coaching search period, as he has helped get the Arizona Cardinals from worst team in NFL, to the playoffs over his three seasons as defensive coordinator.

The Miami Dolphins are the first team to request permission:

Like Adrian Wilson in the front office, if the Cardinals lose Joseph, they would be entitled to third round compensatory picks:

A team that loses a minority assistant coach who becomes a head coach or loses a personnel executive who becomes a general manager will receive third-round compensatory picks in each of the next two drafts.

Joseph inherited a defense that gave up 26.6 points per game in 2018, 26th in the NFL and has the team down to 21.5 points per game in 2021 (11th in the NFL).

He will be a hot commodity if the Cardinals do retain him and they continue to trend in the right direction over the next couple of seasons.