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Arizona Cardinals get a shot to prove their road warrior status in the NFL Playoffs

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals, the road has been home for them all season.

You look at their home and road splits and it was like they almost had an idea on Sunday that maybe playing on the road throughout the playoffs would be an advantage.

Of course we all know the rough stats... 8-1 on the road in 2021 and their lone loss was to the lowly Detroit Lions.

However, dig a little deeper in the numbers and it is even more impressive.

The Arizona Cardinals on the road, yes in one more game, had 1,214 rushing yards compared to 862 yards rushing at home.

On the road, Cardinals quarterbacks threw for 2,434 yards to 2,185 yards at home. Roughly the difference in the extra road game. However, the quarterbacks threw for 18 touchdowns on the road versus nine at home. They had only three interceptions on the road versus eight at home.

The offensive line gave up 24 sacks at home, they gave up 15 sacks in nine games on the road. That is absurd, to give up nine less sacks on the road in one more game.

When you look at the bulk numbers as well, the Cardinals averaged 29.7 points per game on the road, they only gave up 18.9 points per game.

This team just played better, played looser and played with a different confidence on the road week-in and week-out.

Now, they get a chance to prove it when it matters.

They go to Los Angeles to take on a Rams team struggling to fill the stadium.

A win can cure a lot of the ails of the finish to the regular season.

On the road is probably where the Cardinals want to be to do it and what better team to beat than the Los Angeles Rams.