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Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys second half open thread

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like it has been forever since the Arizona Cardinals went into halftime with a lead.

Now, on the road against one of the best teams in the NFL they hold a 13-7 lead over the Dallas Cowboys.

We even saw an end of the half drive to get a field goal that has been missing in recent weeks.

The Cardinals had one drive that again stalled in a goal-to-go situation after another Josh Jones penalty.

Leading 3-0 the Cardinals pulled out a fake punt that was aided by a catch of the year type of play made by Jonathan Ward.

Then, the Cardinals got into another goal-to-go situation and it felt inevitable after a Josh Jones holding penalty that they would again need to settle for three.

Instead, Kliff Kingsbury dialed up a nice play on second and goal from the 16 that got nine yards then Chase Edmonds got the team to the one and a half.

That lead to a Kyler Murray bootleg and an Antoine Wesley touchdown reception to move the game to 10-0.

The Cowboys would score late in the first half, a great play by Michael Gallup who was injured and would have to leave the game and the Cardinals would get into field goal range to give us the 13-7 mark.

It’s been a refreshing change of pace for the Cardinals who get the ball to start the second half. Let’s hope for a strong finish after a great start.