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Arizona Cardinals get much needed win over Dallas Cowboys 25-22

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals had the Dallas Cowboys on the ropes late in the third quarter.

A chance to put the game away and get back into the win column.

After a very good first half where the Arizona Cardinals took a 13-7 lead, they came out in the second half and went down and scored.

A second Antoine Wesley touchdown reception from Kyler Murray and a failed two-point conversion had the Cardinals up 19-7.

Then, the Cardinals get the ball back and go down and get another field goal, yet it was still uneasy at 22-7.

Then the Cardinals bad offense struck again.

They went three and out, losing 18 yards and set the Dallas Cowboys up on a short field.

It took a fourth down conversion, but the Cowboys finally converted and cut the lead to 22-14.

The Cardinals needed to flip momentum and did when Isaiah Simmons made a massive play forcing a fumble on a blitz, after Dak Prescott escaped him and was heading down the field. Yet, Simmons effort gave him the shot to knock the ball out.

It lead to another Matt Prater field goal and the Cardinals taking a 25-14 lead.

The Arizona Cardinals couldn’t handle the prosperity. They gave up another touchdown pass from Dak Prescott, this one to Amari Cooper and then the Cowboys converted their two-point conversion to cut it to 25-22.

The Arizona Cardinals getting their first win in a month would come down to their offense being able to stay on the field.

They did just that while running the football efficiently for the first time all game.

With Kyler Murray and Chase Edmonds in the backfield, the Cardinals were able to salt the final four minutes of the game away and come away with a much needed 25-22 win.

The Arizona Cardinals are 11-5 and more importantly… 1-0 in 2022.

Let’s go Cardinals!