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Red Rain: Reversing the Arians Curse and Top 5 In-Home UFA Priorities

Ever since Bruce Arians’ hubris woke up the sleeping giant that has become the Los Angeles Rams, it now, to quote a Shakespearean phrase, is more apparent than ever that Arians cast a “plague on both houses,” both the Cardinals’ and the Buccaneers’.

Over the course of the five years that Sean McVay has been the Rams’ head coach, here is how his team has fared against the Cardinals and Bruce Arians:

  • vs. Cardinals, McVay is 10-1 (outscoring the Cardinals 335 - 162, 30.5 - 14.7 on average)
  • vs. Bruce Arians, McVay is 5-1 (3-0 vs. Tom Brady)

To add insult to injury —- the Cardinals have a troubling injury history of the Rams knocking out key players for the game and most for the season:

  • Tyrann Matthieu, ACL
  • Carson Palmer, ACL
  • Drew Stanton, knee
  • David Johnson, knee (in last game of his historic season and never has been the same since)
  • Carson Palmer, broken arm (alas, the last play of his career)
  • Kyler Murray, ankle (in 1st quarter of must win 16th game opposite John Wolford at QB)
  • DeAndre Hopkins, MCL
  • James Conner, Achilles
  • Budda Baker, concussion

During this off-season, the Cardinals need to do everything they can to reverse the curse.

Some thoughts on how to do that in this week’s podcast.

Plus, I offer my top 5 in-home UFA priority signings. I am calling it the “Mitch 5, ” lol, (thank you, Gambo!)

What are your top 5 in-home UFA priority signings for the Cardinals?

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  2. _______________________________
  3. _______________________________
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  5. _______________________________